Year 6 Football Match reports from Tom 6CD and Sam 6HH

September 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

On Tuesday the 22nd of September year six boys football team went to Orchard Junior School with positive attitudes to win the first game of the season.

When we arrived we warmed up as we had had a long boring day at school before that.  When it was kick off we had a chance right at the start of the game which would have been great if we had scored.  Abbotswood were comfortably the better side throughout the match but eventually in the first half Sam ran up the pitch and shot at the Orchard goal.  The goalkeeper got down quick and saved it but luckily it  fell to Thomas who scored a screamer of a goal putting it in the top right corner to score Abbotswood's and his first goal of the season.  We had chances after that but didn't score in the first half again.

In the second half Sam closed down the kick off very well and passed to Hedley on the wing.  Hedley played a one two with Sam that put him in a good position to cross.  Luckily Jack and Charlie reacted well and ran in to the box.  Jack reached the ball first, took a chance and shot the ball in the bottom right hand corner and put us two nil up.

As soon as Orchard took kick off Sam was on to the ball like a Cheetah and the Orchard defence made a crucial mistake and it feel to Hedley.  Hedley cut in from the left and shot with his right and thankfully the ball went into the bottom left hand corner of the goal to put us three nil in the lead.

The attackers were doing a wonderful job of attacking and scoring goals that meant all the defence had to do was to not concede any goals.

Abbotswood had won our first match of the season 3-0.....GET IN THERE.

By Tom 6CD

The B team were also in action against Orchard B team. We started by passing the ball around to each other nicely. However, Orchard an elegant goal, shooting into the bottom left hand corner. They soon scored a second in similar style.

At half time it was 2-0 to Orchard.

After Mr Parker gave us some direct advice, we started to play a lot better. Oliver was in the box, eager to get a goal. He managed to score a ‘sweaty goal’. After an amazing pass from Kieran, Sam passed the ball past the goalkeeper and Oliver pelted it into the back of the goal.

Oliver soon scored a second goal, finishing it into the bottom right hand corner. A good goal.

Our good fortune had to come to an end. Everyone was eager to get that last minute winner and become the hero. Unfortunately, that led to disappointment with our only defender Sam left one on one with their striker who scored a strong finish past Joel.

After chucking it down with rain, the match had come to a defeated end. However, it was still fun and we all enjoyed ourselves. The team still played exceptionally well. We are definitely looking forward to our next game.

By Sam 6HH


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