Podcasting onto Year group/class blog (6 week module that includes using Audacity to create the podcasts then email to publish the podcasts onto a Posterous blog)

Technical Note- Make sure year group blogs are set as exceptions inside Google Domain so that pupils can email to the blog

Use this video help file to learn how to setup a Posterous Blog in minutes and this video to learn how to setup the blog so that you are the gate keeper for posts and comments.

by Phil Bagge and Mel Hallinan

Learning Objective Lesson 1

Task Design to meet the learning objectives

To explore the main functions of sound editing with Audacity

This session is about familiarisation with Audacity

We would recommend introducing the ICT skills in the order that they are in on the left and then giving pupils time to try them independently. Pupils working individually.
You could give pupils a performance poem to record and add sound effects

Show kids where they can download this at home

ICT Skills

Able & SEN Support



Record single track

To cut copy and paste

Adjust volume of a single track

Mixing volume of tracks

Importing extra sounds 

More able show time slider tool

Less able showing the undo button


 Worth putting a link to download  Audacity on Studywiz

Video Help Files

Download Audacity at home

Learning Objective Lesson 2

Task Design to meet the learning objectives

To create a story plan for a serialised story

Introduce the four week task

  • Serialised story
  • Must include cliff hangers
  • Features of a play
  • Can include sound effects but story is most important element
Using a story planning template (Only four sections) to create in mixed ability groups of 3-4 your story plan
Rehearse the first section

ICT Skills

Able & SEN Support



SEN support by helping pupils to come up with an initial idea. Could be linked to recent literacy work. Could be an innovation of a story they know.

Teacher needs to make pupils aware that this will only be heard. Cant have long pauses

Modified Story Planning Templates

Learning Objective Lessons 3-6

Task Design to meet the learning objectives

To create a short interesting episode and upload it onto the class blog within the lesson.

The next four lessons will follow a similar format - 45 minutes for recording the story and 15 minutes for uploading to the year 5 Posterous blog.

The most important part will be to record the story in a relatively quiet environment using laptops or netbooks. Then the children can edit and add sound effects in order to prepare their story for publishing. The 45 minutes for this task should be a strict deadline.

During the last 15 minutes demonstrate how to save as an MP3 file and upload to blog. In the subject line of the email, put the name of the story, episode number, then ((tag: podcast))

If time, later in the day, play some and discuss what aspects of the story went well and what they would do differently next week in order to improve their work.

Further ideas once module has finished

Put all episodes together using Audacity in the right order and make into one story. Publish as a single podcast. Extension task - design an advert for their story.  

ICT Skills

Able & SEN Support



Recording soundtrack

Editing sound

Adding sound effects

Saving as an MP3 file

Uploading to class blog

To ensure equality of access, pupils to take turns to control mouse and keyboard when editing, but every child still has a say in the story outcome.

 Teachers may want to go over aspects of week 1 as necessary.

Before next lesson, children to listen to and comment on each other's stories using two stars (no wish).

Name their stories when emailing and ensure they include the episode number.

Blog address

Pupil email log on information if needed