Abbotswood has been part of the Totton community since it opened in May 1932. Our current play trail has been in place for approximately 20 years.  Sadly it has seen better days and both the surface and equipment require replacement.

The school has carefully managed its budget this year and is able to pay for some of this work from its own funding. However, to complete the project to a high standard we are fundraising and seeking sponsorship from businesses such as yours.

                As little as £100 could add to the square footage of the surface work and fencing, on the other end of the scale £3000 would purchase a piece of climbing equipment.

                The children at Abbotswood use what is left of our current trail, every day. They enjoy the challenges it presents. There are opportunities for teamwork and using their imaginations.  The new design will also have a seating area at one end to encourage teachers to take classes outside and to provide a resting place for parents and carers on the school pick-ups.

   We've had some exciting plans drawn up from a range of providers, exploring different equipment and surfaces. We believe a new playtrail would make break times more exciting for the children. It will encourage them to interact in new ways and it will be a safe place for them to be active.

Please visit our gofundme page, we hope you'll join us in raising funds for this exciting project!

Best Wishes,