School Newsletters
All school letters are sent to parents by Tucasi (email) or brought home by the children. Please check their books bag as they can get forgotten about. If you are not receiving these via email, and would like to please email

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Table Tennis (Y5/6) Y3 Autumn 1 Learning Booklet Y4 Autumn 1 Learning Booklet

Y5 Autumn 1 Learning Booklet

Y6 Autumn 1 Learning Booklet
Parking Y3 Autumn 1 Newsletter Y4 Autumn 1 Newsletter Y5 Autumn 1 Newsletter Y6 Autumn 1 Newsletter
Governor Newsletter Y3 Totton Library Visit Y4 Paws for Thought - Learning Booklet
  Y6 Osmington - Letter
Friends of Abbotswood Newsletter
Y3 Class Assembly     Y6 Osmington - Kit List
Friends of Abbotswood Sponsored Event
Y3 Perfect Pets - Learning Booklet

Y5 A Land Far Away - Learning Booklet
Y6 Born to Survive - Learning Booklet
FOA Sponsorship Form
Y3 Totton Visit Trip
Year 4 Topic Outcome
Y5 Mr Dale - Retirement

Harvest Festival


Y5 Topic Outcome
Y6 Topic Outcome
Pupil ICT acceptable use policy Sep 2016

Y4 Hook Day
Y5 Space Dome
Y6 Greek Theatre
Abbotswood Choir and Music Events



Y6 Topic Outcome
Abbotswood Newsletter Autumn 1
Y3 Home and Away Learning Booklet
Y4 Tragic Titanic Learning Booklet
Y5 Into the Darkness Learning Booklet
Y6 Meet the Greeks Learning Booklet
Open Morning

Yr3 Topic Outcome
Y4 Southampton Sea Museum Trip
Assistance Dog
Yr 6 Hook Day
Children in Need - Friday 18 November

Y3 Cornish Day

Y4 - Stubbington Information Evening

Yr 5 Egyptian Theatre

Y6 Christmas Party
Maths - Progression in Written Methods Y3 Christmas Party Y4 Autumn 2 Newsletter Y5 Christmas Party Y6 Outcome
Book Bingo   Y4 Stubbington Residential    
Christmas Meal   Y4 Christmas Arrangements    
Church Visit Y3 A Step Back in Time Learning Booklet Y4 The Nowhere Emporium Learning Booklet Y5 Walk Like an Egyptian Learning Booklet Y6 Dragonology Learning Booklet
Christmas Fair Y3 Newsletter Y4 Newsletter Y5 Newsletter Y6 SATs Information Evening
Clubs at Abbotswood Y3 Testwood Lakes Trip Y4 Card Games Y5 Osmington Bay Residential Y6 Newsletter
Christmas Tree Assembly Y3 Hook Day Y4 Save Our Species Learning Booklet Y5 Egyptian Outcome Y6 Card Games
Christmas Carols Y3 Invaders and Raiders Learning Booklet Y4 Hook Day Y5 Paultons Park Trip Y6 SATs Boosters
Parent Survey Y3 Class Assembly     Y6 Hook Day
Friends of Abbotswood Christmas Fair Update      Y5 Fun at the Fair Learning Booklet Y6 Lest We Forget Learning Booklet
Friends of Abbotswood Disco        
Newsletter 27/01/2017        
Book Bingo Update        
Newsletter 03/02/2017        
Newsletter 16/02/2017        
World Book Day        
Newsletter 03/03/2017        
Newsletter 10/03/2017        
Newsletter 24/03/2017        
Newsletter 31/03/2017