Clubs & Childcare

Childcare is provided by New Forest Childcare who operate at Abbotswood before and after school.

Abbotswood is also pleased to be able to host both school run and independent clubs. If you have any queries please use the contact details for the club listed below. 

School run clubs may change termly, you will receive a letter/email about the following terms clubs towards the end of the current term. Places are limited and it is our policy to ensure that as many children as possible have the opportunity to attend at least one club.

  • Please check exactly when the club finishes and ensure you are there to collect your child on time.  The adult running the club will always wait until all children are collected, but it can be very distressing for a child to be left!
  • If the club is an independent outside club, please contact the club directly to advise if your child will not be attending the club.  Details of the clubs contact information are available on our website.
  • It will not be possible for children to go back to their classroom or locker after their club, please do not ask them to do so.
  • Make sure you know which exit they are coming out from and impress the need for them to wait inside school for you if you are a few minutes late.
  • If collecting children from the Main Entrance, we would ask you to wait in the reception area.
  • Please remember if the Main Reception is open, and the person on duty does not allow you into the main building, they are following our security policy, so please respect them.

Please click on the links in the left column to download the PDF application form for each club. These are also available from the school office.

Code Club

Learning to code is an important skill now we’re living in a digital age. It’s simply not enough for children to know how to use technology, they should know how it works and how to build it too.

DT Club

Design & Technology Club

Film Club

"Abbotswood into Film" is a free after school film club where children have the opportunity to view a range of films and discuss them.

Master Your Maths Class

The sessions will give children the understanding to learn in a practical, hands on way which will start and end with a clear goal in mind. Most importantly, the investigations will be differentiated to make sure they are accessible to all children of any ability and will be run by a qualified teacher (Adam Garnett) and managing director of Smart Zebra limited with 5 years classroom and tutoring experience from year 1 to year 6. FEES PAYABLE

Big Mouth Theatre

Big Mouth Theatre is a fun and fabulous drama club which focuses on a different theme each half term to ensure the children are constantly keen to explore the wonderful world of drama. Confidence building & friendship-making; this club would be ideal for anyone who'd love to develop their acting skills within a fun and friendly environment. Tel: 023 8097 0525 FEES PAYABLE

Y3/4 Book Bingo

This will be an opportunity for children to talk about books and will encourage them to read more widely for pleasure. We will base our weekly discussions around books of a particular theme so that pupils of all abilities are able to take part.

Sama Karate

This is an ideal way for children to learn discipline and respect in a safe, fun and exciting environment. They are taught traditional non-contact karate with a strong emphasis on self-awareness, fitness, self-confidence and flexibility. If your child is interested in joining then come along and talk to the Sama Karate leader. Tel: 07764 478507 FEES PAYABLE

Guitar Club

Guitar club is run by Mr A. Keeley. FEES PAYABLE

Y5/6 Book Bingo

This will be an opportunity for children to talk about books and will encourage them to read more widely for pleasure. We will base our weekly discussions around books of a particular theme so that pupils of all abilities are able to take part.

Sewing Club

Sewing club is run for Years 4, 5 and 6. FEES PAYABLE

Taekwondo Tigers

Children will get to learn how to be fast and flexible doing spectacular kicks, blocks and strikes using various Taekwondo training equipment including the chance to learn how to spar and perform the traditional side of Taekwondo.  We aim to develop the child’s agility, balance and coordination using Taekwondo drills.     Everything they learn will give children the chance to take optional Gradings and reach their Black Belt under the British Taekwondo system. Contact Colin on 0787 187 5254 or FEES PAYABLE


Rocksteady gives children the chance to learn the guitar, keyboard, drums or vocals. By joining Rocksteady, your child gets the opportunity to build their confidence, learn an instrument and increase their overall enjoyment of school. Rocksteady is easy and convenient; lessons take place within school hours (on either a Monday or Friday afternoon) and all the instruments are provided. 0845 094 1259 FEES PAYABLE

Music Tuition

We offer small group tuition for Flute, Violin, Guitar and Keyboard. Pupils will receive a minimum of 10 lessons per term. It will be necessary for your son/daughter to miss part of a normal lesson in order to attend their music lesson. You must notify us in writing if your child wishes to stop lessons. FEES PAYABLE

Winsor FC 

Winsor train teams throughout the week. FEES PAYABLE

Southampton Gym Club


Mad Science

Our hands-on, one-hour science programs are themed around a particular area of science and include such topics as electricity, magnetism, optics, biology and many more.

Mad Science After-School Programs…

  • Are hands-on and inquiry-based
  • Meet national, state and provincial curriculum standards
  • Are led by trained, qualified and dynamic instructors
  • Follow professional lesson plans
  • Use unique equipment and original materials
  • Are loved by children and K-6 age-appropriate, making them ideal for children in Kindergarten through Grade 6
  • Are easy to plan and hassle-free to run
Our Choir is led by Ms Vuckovich, they sing a wide range of songs: traditional  and popular, Disney as well! There are several concerts planned throughout the year where children can enjoy singing and show their amazing skills!