Abbotswood Junior School | 2016-2017 Staff List

2016-2017 Staff List

Our school is led by Mr Glenn Moore, Headteacher. Mr Moore joined Abbotswood in 2013 with over 20 years teaching experience.


Our deputy headteachers are Ms F. Brocklesby, responsible for Safeguarding and Welfare and Mrs E. Moore (no relation) who looks after Inclusion and Standards.


Our assistant heads support the school in giving additional focus to the areas of attainment, teaching standards and the curriculum. Mrs G. Taylor (Assistant Headteacher) is responsible for Teaching and Learning and Mrs L. Howard (Assistant Headteacher) leads on the curriculum across the school.

Our Year 5 and 6 teams are led by Miss S. Gordine, our Upper School Phase Leader. Miss M. Dunning, who teaches in Year 6, is our Assistant Phase Leader.

In Year 6:

Mrs Howard & Mrs Hobbs 6HH, Miss Dunning 6MD, Mr Goodrich 6TG, Mrs Wickens 6EW, Mr Garnett 6AG.


In Year 5

Miss Gordine 5SG (Year 5/6 Phase Leader), Mr Williams 5SW, Miss Young 5CY, Mr Dale 5MD, Mr McCoy 5LM.

Our Year 4 team is led by Mr Humphries.  The Year 4 teaching staff are:

Mr Humphries 4eh (Year 4 Leader), Mrs Turk & Mrs Tyson 4TT, Miss Braye 4KB, Mrs Hyde (4DH), Miss Alman (4RM).


Our Year 3 team is led by Mr Claridge.  The Year 3 teaching staff are:

Mr Claridge 3AC, Mrs Shipton & Mrs Shimman 3SS, Miss Manning 3KM, Miss Wallin 3CW, Miss Whelan 3LW.

Additionally, we have teachers who cover PPA and sets:

  • Mrs Sheales (Art)
  • Mrs Waters (Music)
  • Mr Bessant
  • Mrs Hatfield
  • Mrs Munsie
  • Mrs Parsons (Mat Leave)

At Abbotswood, we benefit from having two full time sports coaches, who teach PE and Games across the school. They also run a wide variety of very successful after school sports clubs.

  • Mr Morgan
  • Mr Parker

Our teaching team are supported by an excellent team of learning support staff.

ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) Mrs Bravery & Mrs Blake

Parent Support Adviser - Ms Evans

LSAs (Learning Support Assistant)

  • Mrs Wilson, Mr Neal, Mrs Fryer, Mrs Smith, Mrs Emm, Mrs Andrew
  • Mr Perry, Miss Wall, Miss Cummins, Mrs de Jong, Miss Page
  • Mrs Fielder, Mrs Morton, Mrs Smith, Mrs Fairbairn, Mrs Witcombe
  • Mrs Jordan, Mrs Skeels, Ms Lockyer, Mrs Ayres, Mrs Walters,
  • Mrs Vuckovich, Mrs Tuck, Mr Swift, Mrs Fenner, Mr Mather


Our teaching and support staff are looked after by our site and admin team

  • School Business Manager - Mrs Smith, Senior Admin Assistant - Mrs Bland-Flagg, ICT Technician - Mr Bitto, Site Manager - Mr Burgess
  • Reception - Mrs Barnes, Finance Assistant - Mrs Pace, PA to the Headteacher - Mrs Peckham, Caretaker - Mr Brown
  • Admin Assistant - Mrs Hodgson, Welfare Assistant - Mrs Chafe, Afternoon receptionist - Mrs Bailey, Librarian - Mrs Baker


We have a team of midday supervisors and cleaners who help keep our school safe and tidy.

Midday Supervisory Assistants

  • Mrs Warbey (Senior), Mrs Bennett, Mrs Blake, Mrs Brown, Mrs Bundy
  • Ms Chuter, Mrs Drake, Mrs Drake, Mrs Fensome, Mrs Kirk
  • Mrs Marrington, Mrs Wilson, Miss Hand, Mrs Day, Mrs Maddams
  • Mrs Wallington, Mrs Ayres, Mrs Tuck, Mrs Hayes, Mrs Russell

Cleaning Team

  • Mrs Adams, Mrs Wells, Ms Chuter, Ms Atkins, Mrs Smith