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Please vote online for ABBOTSWOOD JUNIOR SCHOOL!

We have been nominated to be one of three local charities to be in with a chance to be gifted £500 but we need the most votes to achieve this!

The Friends of Abbotswood will use the money to purchase activities for our newly renovated quad.

Please click on the link below and make sure you pick Totton then select Friends of Abbotswood and press the vote button.

You can vote for us every week from now until the end of September.

Please share the link to encourage your family and friends to vote for us.

#asdafoundation #greentokengiving

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Morrisons Seeds of Hope Morrisons Seeds of Hope

The Friends of Abbotswood were given the opportunity to take part in the Morrisons initiative to give away 25 million sunflower seeds in an effort to spread hope and lift the spirits of the nation. 

We decided to have a competition between the classes to see who could care for their seeds and be the "Best in Bloom."

5EH came first growing very healthy plants and they are just waiting for the sunflowers to appear!

A big thank you to Morrisons for supplying the seeds and helping to put together a hamper for the winning class.

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Year 5 Paultons Park trip Year 5 have had a fantastic time at Paultons Park over the past couple of weeks. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the adults were all impressed with how much the children stretched themselves to overcome their fears and do some of the bigger rides. What a fantastic way to end the year!


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The Friends of Abbotswood Summer Raffle The Friends of Abbotswood Summer Raffle

The F.O.A were delighted by the amazing response to our non uniform day last Friday. We received an amazing amount of chocolate, bottles and £1 donations. A special mention also needs to go to Asda and Morrisons for their kind donations towards our hamper making.

Our volunteers have been busy creating fabulous hampers to be raffled on Saturday 17th July. Sadly this won't be happening as normal as part of our fair but we are determined to carry on our fundraising efforts towards the treats and extras for all our children.

First prize this year is £75 cash, 2nd prize is a hamper including a Bluetooth outdoor speaker and then we have over 25 bottle and chocolate hampers! Five of these hampers also have an extra prize hidden in the treats which is a £20 amazon voucher so look out for the smile logo.

If you or your family would like to enter the raffle please write on an envelope the name of the person entering, how many tickets they would like and a telephone number or email address. Each ticket costs £1. The F.O.A will be in the school car park every morning with a bucket to put your envelopes in until Friday 16th July.

Thank you very much for your support and we wish you a lovely Summer when it arrives.


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Book Day 2021 Amazing effort from the staff for Abbotswood Book Day! 


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Blue Peter Green Badge - Elle in 5EH We are very proud of Elle in 5EH who has recently earnt her Green Blue Peter Badge for creating an Eco-Garden! 

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Y5 Topic Outcome - I am Malala Year 5 Topic Outcome - I am Malala 

5AP and 5KP  had a debate and read newspaper articles to each other from a distance for their outcome today.  

Both classes displayed their art work 

It was fantastic to see them making use of the newly resurfaced quad in the sunshine too! 

Fantastic work year 5!

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Art at Abbotswood In Year 5 We have been looking at the artist Ted Harrison and how he uses tints of colour. Year 5 have created landscapes in the style of his work.

In Year 4, we have been looking at perspective. Mrs White was particularly impressed by Jackson. Incredible use of vanishing point and horizon line, he took great care in his presentation! 


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5JD Islamic Art Mosaics 5JD have been working on their Islamic Art mosaics this week.


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The 'Other' Quad makeover Over the Easter holidays we were delighted to finally have the 'other' quad makeover completed.

We now have another fantastic outside space to match the one we had done last summer. We can use this for activities with the children and staff. It has been an absolute delight to see LSAs and children using it today, to play in sun! The quads are a really lovely space to have as they are enclosed, yet outside. This makes for a quiet, safe place, for classes, small groups, 1 to 1 sessions or even for staff to meet. 

Once again we must give a huge THANK YOU to the Friends of Abbotswood for organising fundraising events to help pay for this work. The Friends are always looking to welcome new members and in particular have quite a few Y6 parents in their current committee who will be moving on at the end of this school year. If you would like to be part of the friends of Abbotswood please email as she will be delighted to hear from you! 

The work on the Quad was completed by a local company called Apex Outdoor Spaces

We're now looking at outdoor furniture and games that we can put into this quad to add the finishing touches! 


This is what it looked like before! 

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Y6 - World War 2 Hook Day Year 6 have spent another day immersed in our topic of World War 2. Today, we were very lucky to be able to see a WW2 vehicle, which was used to transport troops during the D-Day landing. We spent the morning sketching the vehicles, ready to make our own later on this term! 

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Y4 - Titanic Hook Day Year 4 have spent their first day of this half term experiencing what life was like aboard the RMS Titanic during her fateful voyage on 14th April 1912. The children have enjoyed a day of role play and debates surrounding who was at fault for the disaster. 

N.B. Mr Humphries did his best to capture all of the children in their costumes at break time but apologises if some were missed. Some children chose not to have their picture taken.


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Y3 - Step Back in Time Last half term, Year 3 took ‘a step back in time’ and studied the Stone Age to the Iron Age in Britain. All of the children’s work was displayed in our marquee and the year group enjoyed spending time on the last day of term exploring the newspaper reports, clay artefacts and cave artwork that their peers had created. Well done Year 3! 

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Y4 - Fantastic Mr Fox This half term, Year 4 have explored conservation through their rich read 'Fantastic Mr Fox'. The book inspired them to write their own version of the story entitled 'Brilliant Mr Barn Owl'. The year group finished the topic by recreating Mr Fox's banquet - they made healthy flapjacks, shared their stories and conducted debates on conservation whilst wearing their very own barn owl masks! 

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Fantastic work examples from Abbotswood pupils It has been wonderful to have the children back in school and we have been so impressed with the work they are producing, both at home and in school. Here are a few examples that we wanted to share with you. 

Millie's Butterfly Lion

Millie created a beautiful piece of art related to the year 5 topic is the Butterfly Lion and over the last 2 weeks Millie has persevered with her super creation. We are incredibly proud of her. Her picture is "pride" of place in 5KP.

Valentina's Harry Potter Portrait

Valentina in Y4 shared this brilliant picture with us last week ‘This a picture on a Zoom Tutorial that I did with an artist called Anastasia.’ Well done Valentina, we think this is fantastic!

Weronika's writing on 'Once'

In class we have been re-writing chapters of the rich read, 'Once'. This can be quite tricky as the children need to write in the style of the author as well as showing the character's traits using their own words. We think Weronika has done a wonderful job of this. 



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Y5 "A Twist in the Tail" Hook day During our hook day for 'A Twist in the Tail', Year 5 created some amazing African savannahs. They began by using watercolours to create a sunset background. Once dry, they then cut out some animals and scenery from black sugar paper to act as silhouettes. The results are very impressive!


]]> (Abbotswood Junior School) A Twist in the Tail day Hook Y5 Thu, 11 Mar 2021 09:09:52 GMT
Y6 "Lest We Forget" Hook day Year 6 enjoyed their second hook day for our topic “Lest We Forget”. We gave the children a schooling experience from 1939 - the year that World War II was declared.

We continued to read our topic book, Once by Morris Gleitzman, and explored key events from the text.

The Year 6 children have settled in amazingly and the whole team are very proud of each of them.

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World Book Day at Abbotswood This week, the children have been undertaking a number of activities based on the World Book Day books 'Blown Away' by Rob Biddulph (Year 3) and Skysteppers by Katherine Rundell (Year 4, 5 and 6)

Here is just a small selection of the fantastic learning this week!

We are looking forward to presenting the children with their World Book Day book tokens when they return to school next week.

Mr Cox



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Mr Moore : Spring 1 Mindfulness Assembly Mr Moore : Spring 1 Mindfulness Assembly


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Things that make us smile Last week we were delighted to receive 2 things that really made us smile! 

The first was a fabulous box of biscuits to share with staff (individual wrapped... ideal for sharing safely!) accompanied by a very thoughtful note (Thank you Wyatt Family!). The kindness that parents have shown us really helps us to keep motivated! We appreciate every kind word and have received so many lovely emails from so many of you!  


The second was the video below from Southampton and England International footballer; Danny Ings! 

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Remote Learning - Devices Today I took a really lovely call from a member of the public who has a two year old laptop that they aren't using.  Although she doesn't have any pupils at Abbotswood, she had seen the news and wanted to make sure that she could contribute to helping children to continue with their education. Whilst we are hopeful that the government will fulfil their promise to deliver additional devices over the next couple of weeks, we have so many families who are in desperate need of additional technology.

Laptops and Chromebooks are too expensive for some of our families to purchase. Some have devices, but they are either out of date, or do not have the functionality that they need to continue with remote learning. 

We also know that there are many families who have parents that are having to work from home and when you add siblings into that, the allocation of devices is spread thinly. 

There is a lot of information on the news at the moment about how families can apply for devices via their school. Please be aware that as soon as ordering is open to us (as a school) we will then look at ordering our full allocation (our full allocation is still not going to be enough) and distributing. However, this is unlikely to happen for a few weeks as secondary pupils have been prioritised. 

We were able to order 16 new devices before Christmas and Mrs Pace (Finance Assistant) and Mr Noyce (Site Manager) have been delivering these today (alongside 70+ Free School Meal Hampers). 

Thank you once again for your patience whilst we adapt to the changing situation. If you happen to have a device that you would like to donate a family, please get in touch with the school office. Unfortunately we are unable to manage loaned devices from members of the public (due to the complexity of insurance). However, if you can donate a device for someone to keep, you will be making a real difference! (Ideally Laptops, Chromebooks, Tablets). Thank you.

Mrs Smith

School Business Manager

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Mr Dewhurst greeted his class with a festive trumpet performance this morning! This morning 5JD were welcomed into school with a trumpet performance from Mr Dewhurst! By the time Mrs Smith raced down with her camera to video it, it was raining quite heavily! What a lovely festive start to day for the children! Well done Mr Dewhurst! 


]]> (Abbotswood Junior School) a class Dewhurst festive greeted his morning! Mr performance this trumpet with Fri, 18 Dec 2020 09:48:43 GMT
We did it! We did it!

The Friends of Abbotswood would like to say a massive thank you to the 160 supporters who helped us crowdfund using Aviva this term.

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year

]]> (Abbotswood Junior School) 160 a Abbotswood Aviva crowdfund Friends helped like massive of say supporters term thank the this to us using who would you Thu, 17 Dec 2020 13:10:14 GMT
Christmas Craft Day at Abbotswood Today, it has been Christmas Craft Day at Abbotswood! There has been a variety of Christmas-related fun across all of the year groups.

Year 3 loved making Christmas wreaths and designing personalised elf hats! 

Year 4 enjoyed making Christmas hats and lollipop ornaments. 

Year 5 spent their day making Christmas cards with fingerprint snowmen and Christmas hats. 

Ho Ho Ho! 

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Final Days of Fundraising The Friends of Abbotswood are so amazed at the support we have received during this very strange Autumn term. 

Taking part in the Aviva Crowdfunding project has allowed us to continue fundraising for a much needed new minibus with wheelchair access.

We have two days left to use this fundraising platform, so we would like to ask you for the final time to share our link and donate if you are able to do so.

Many thanks and a Merry Christmas from The Friends of Abbotswood.


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Reminder: Non Uniform Day Friday 11th December, is non uniform day which can include Christmas jumpers and festive hats. The F.OA have organised an online Panto which the children will watch in their bubbles. Look out for the beanstalk buckets for your child to place a (suggested) donation of £1 per family as they enter the school playground. There will also be a collection bucket in the school car park. 

]]> (Abbotswood Junior School) Day Non Reminder: Uniform Thu, 10 Dec 2020 08:28:57 GMT
How much does a minibus cost? We have done amazingly well with our Aviva project, raising money for a new minibus with wheelchair access this term, and we still have a few days left to raise more. The F.O.A are delighted with the support we have received from our community and the Aviva employees who have made donations. 
We have also received over £2,000 from Sovereign Thriving Communities Fund which has been a fabulous boost.

So back to the question… How much does a minibus cost? The answer…a lot! The school has quotes of around £28,000.

The friends already have £8,000 from previous fundraising and add to that the £5,000 (plus whatever else we raise in the next week.) So as you can see we have a way to go.

If you are able to donate please use the link below and share with others.

Thank you and Christmas wishes from the Friends of Abbotswood

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Christmas Fundraising Update from the Friends of Abbotswood Today should have been our school Christmas Fair but sadly this year it is not possible to hold it.

Our friendly reindeer is very upset that he won't be guiding you to the grotto or joining in with the games and buying tombola tickets.

He would still like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. If you are able please click the link below and make a donation in support of our fundraising for a new minibus.

Thank you! 

from the Friends of Abbotswood


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Alien Invasion - Year 5 This morning, Year 5 participated in a role play to inspire their writing.

During the night, aliens invaded the school and abducted one of the Year 5 LSAs! The Year 5 children inspected the field, where there appeared to be an alien body, to look for evidence before entering the school. They were shocked to see the mess the aliens had created in the Year 5 classrooms. At break, Miss Hoyles returned safely and took part in a Zoom interview so the children could find out what happened. The children then wrote some fantastic newspaper reports on the events of the past 24 hours.


]]> (Abbotswood Junior School) Abbotswood Aliens Creative Totton Writing Fri, 27 Nov 2020 13:43:45 GMT
Minibus Fundraising Update The Friends of Abbotswood would like to send a big thank you to all of the parents who have supported our Aviva Minibus fundraising efforts so far.

We have 19 days left to continue our mission to raise money as part of the Aviva project. So far we have over 90 supporters who have helped us to raise over 70% of our target. Thank you if you have already donated or shared our link.

We have also received some great feedback from parents who have kindly donated what they would have spent at our fair or on donations towards our school raffle.

Aviva employees have been amazing at supporting us and to date we have received £575 in pledges. Thank you!

Please continue to donate and share our project link with other possible supporters.

The Friends of Abbotswood Committee

]]> (Abbotswood Junior School) Wed, 25 Nov 2020 09:54:26 GMT
Fundraising for Abbotswood Junior School Over the next week the Friends of Abbotswood would normally be preparing Christmas Fair information letters and sending home raffle tickets for you to sell to your families. The Christmas fair is one of our biggest fundraising events and sadly this year will not be happening.

If you are able to please can you consider making a donation to the Minibus fund as we will not be asking for our usual donations for the raffle and tombola stalls.

Please use the link below to donate and share it with family who may also be interested in supporting our fundraising.


]]> (Abbotswood Junior School) Abbotswood Christmas Fundraising Minibus Totton Tue, 17 Nov 2020 09:00:00 GMT
Thank you - Care Packs donation Last week we received a truly lovely, and thoughtful gift. It was organised by Mrs Maidment (a Year 3 parent) and contributed to by the kind donations of the local community (Including ASDA!).

As you can see from the pictures below, we were able to hand out these lovely little care packs to our Teachers and Support Staff. 

We just wanted to say a big thank you for such a thoughtful idea. These are such unusual times and this gesture delighted our staff so much! 


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Year 2 Admissions - Welcome to our virtual tour of Abbotswood Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are unable to host our Year 2 open mornings this year.

Instead, we would like to share our wonderful school with you here.

You are welcome to email any questions to

Further information is available on our School Admissions Page

Abbotswood Junior SchoolDue to the coronavirus pandemic, we are unable to host our Year 2 open mornings this year. Instead, we would like to share our wonderful school with you here.

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Armistice Day 2020 Abbotswood children contributed to the cross of poppies that were put together by Mrs Waters and laid at the Totton War Memorial today. Each class contributed a poppy that they decorated and a 2 minute silence was observed in class this morning. 

Whilst current restrictions have changed the way we mark Armistice day in 2020, we felt it was still very important to do something. 

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: 

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them.


]]> (Abbotswood Junior School) Wed, 11 Nov 2020 13:19:58 GMT
Thank you from Southampton City Mission We have received a lovely letter to thank the school for Harvest donations collected this year! 

]]> (Abbotswood Junior School) Fri, 06 Nov 2020 16:01:29 GMT
5th November - Covid Guidance for Schools

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