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The Friends of Abbotswood is also known as FOA.

We thought it would be a good idea to put a face to the names that you may hear or read about on newsletters and the school website. Abbotswood

In the picture above we have (Back row L-R) Vicky Tennent -Secretary who has a child in Year 5, our Chairperson - Caroline Stevens who has a child in Year 4, Sarah Brown - Vice Chair with a child in Year 4.

(Front row L-R) Judith Lakin a committee member with a child in Year 6, Lyn Manuel - Vice chair and has two children who are in Year 3 and Year 6, Amanda Inwood a committee member with a child in Year 4.

Not in the photograph: Lisa Vail - Treasurer with a child in Year 5, Jane Withers a committee member with a Year 6 child, Layla Hounsome a committee member with a Year 3 child and Andy Brown a committee member with a Year 4 child.

One of the main aims of the FOA is to raise money for the school to be spent on extras and treats. We are also keen to take on projects that will benefit the children’s learning both inside the classroom and outdoors.

Our events are planned with a focus on the children’s interests and we try to incorporate as much fun as possible. The FOA are always looking for new committee members please email if you think you could be part of the team.

Alternatively, we have a list of helpers who we call on to support our events so please email above if you would like to volunteer.

“Becoming a committee member has given me a valuable insight in to the running of my child’s school. By giving a small amount of my time going to committee meetings and helping at events this benefits all our children.”

Next meeting: Thursday 12th January 2017 at 6pm


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Abbotswood - Historical gallery Do you have any photographs of Abbotswood from years gone by? We are often asked by former pupils whether we have any images that we can share with them and we try to put those that are available in our gallery. We would love to add to it! Please email any images that you are happy to share to

We hope you enjoy this slide show of some of the images currently in our gallery...

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Autumn 2 Hook Day Welcome to the Autumn 2 half term. There's a lot going on at Abbotswood today! The first day of term always means 'Hook Day' and that's when the staff get the children engaged and enthusiastic about their new topics.

Year 3 are off to Totton for the start of their Home and Away topic and what a lovely morning it is to explore their local area. We are grateful to the volunteer parents who have joined us to help supervise the children on their trip.

Year 4 are diving headfirst into the Titanic story, we are very impressed with the wonderful outfits that many of the children are wearing and we're sure that you'll agree that Mr Humphries and Miss Hyde look rather dashing in their captain costumes.

Year 5 will be entering the world of Space and going inside the mobile planetarium, which takes the children on a tour of the solar system and beyond, providing incredible 360 degree panoramas of space.



Year 6 will join Perseus as he begins his perilous journey, which takes him far from home to the land of the hideous Gorgons, where he must use his cunning to defeat Medusa. In this original version of a Greek myth, the children will learn about many aspects of life in Ancient Greece. This interactive play blends action and discussion to fully immerse the audience in the story. It will be an excellent way to introduce children to their new topic and allow them to engage with this historical period.



We are also delighted to see the completed Gazebo's in place, providing shelter in place of the trees that we needed to remove in the Summer Term. Thank you to the Friends of Abbotswood for funding this project. We think they look great!  



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Year 3 Outcome Here are some pictures from the Year 3 Outcome. The children have produced some fantastic art work for this terms learning projects, well done!




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Year 3 Home Learning Project Here are some of the excellent examples of year 3 home learning. The children have worked really hard to produce new vehicles for James in the Giant Peach to go on adventures and have used different fruits and vegetables to make pictures. These are all on display in the year 3 area. Well done Year 3!




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Year 6 Home Learning Project The children have produced some amazing home learning projects in Year 6 this term!







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Match Report - New Forest Hockey Tournament Match Report

On Monday 29th February Abbotswood were invited to a New Forest Hockey Tournament at Priestlands School. There were 3 group games, quarter finals, semi-finals and then a final.

Our first group game went really well with Abbotswood winning 3-0 against Marchwood, we then had to wait for 4 other games to be played before it was our turn. But when we did play, we scored so many goals I lost count! We had won 2 of our group games. We then waited for another two games to be played and we were on again, we won 4-0. Winning all our games got us into the quarter finals.

The quarter final game started, Abbotswood v Lymington B and unfortunately Lymington B scored but we did not let our heads drop and we came back and scored 2 goals.  We were in the semi-finals!

Our team were getting excited, could we make the final? Mr Perry and Mr Claridge told us to keep playing the way we had, pass the ball and talk to each other.

On to the Semi-final. Abbotswood v Brokenhurst. There was a brilliant start from Abbotswood because we went 2 goals up but then Brockenhurst scored. We kept strong and held on to the lead. The final score was 2-1 to us.  Abbotswood were in the FINAL!

The final was against Lymington A Team. Abbotswood played really well but Lymington A went 2 goals ahead, we kept on going not letting our heads drop and finally we scored a goal. We thought we could bring it back, but the referee blew his whistle, and we had ran out of time. The final score was 2-1 to Lymington A Team.

We came away with a silver medal which we were all really excited to get. All the Abbotswood team played really well, only having a week of training.

WELL DONE ABBOTSWOOD HOCKEY TEAM who were Tom C, Charlie, Archie, Ben, Sam, Lola, Jess W, Jess L and me!

Thomas K 6CD

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Walk like an Egyptian The Year 5 team have continued to work hard to develop a brand new and exciting curriculum that is tailored to meeting the needs of your children. This half-term, the children have embarked on a journey to ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ and have already enjoyed a writing hook which involved the year 5 area being transformed into an Egyptian tomb as well as a theatre company performing ‘The Curse of the Mummy’.

A learning booklet providing greater detail on the learning journey of this unit has already been sent home.

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Year 6 - Dragonology This term Year 6 are becoming 'Dragonologists' (experts in the science of dragons!). We had a local reptile centre visit on hook day this week who brought a variety of animals in for the children to look at and ask questions. This was an exciting start to the topic and the children were able to have hands on experience with the different types of reptiles.


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Abbotswood A team football tournament On Wednesday 18th November, Abbotswood girls played in the New Forest football Tournament at Testwood School. The weather was not great, very wet and windy, but we were all very excited about the tournament. We were off to a great start, we won our first game 3-0, there were some great throw-in’s from Lola who helped with the goals that were scored by Molly and Poppy.

We then played a strong Brockenhurst team, our defence Rose and I had to work hard and Jess was amazing in goal. Molly managed to get a cracking early goal in, which won us the match. The game finished 1-0 to Abbotswood!

Our next game was against Abbotswood B team, it was hard because we were playing against our friends, who are also a very good team. It was another tough match; Molly managed to score the winning goal in the second half to ensure the win, finishing 1-0 to us.

We were then through to the premier league (top division), we knew we would be facing some good teams and we were not wrong.

The first game was against Orchard, they made us work really hard, Lola was great in midfield and Poppy had some great attempts shooting against a strong keeper. Unfortunately neither team was able to get a goal, so it ended up in a draw 0-0.

Our final game was against Bartley, they were an incredible team, and everyone had to put maximum effort in to stop them getting a goal, Abbotswood fought hard to defend and was determined to give Jess a clean sheet! Charlotte scored the amazing winning goal, we won 1-0!

We then were presented our gold medals and told we were through to the county finals in June, Well done Abbotswood A team.


Abbotswood B team report

The B team had to play three games to qualify for the premier league and we won all these games - scoring a total of 7 goals. Our first game in the premier league was against Abbotswood A it was a close game with the A team scoring in the last few minutes of the game. We drew one and lost one of our remaining games placing us forth in the entire competition. Mr Morgan and Mr Perry were very impressed how we played and worked together as a team.


Abbotswood C team report

The c team drew one game and lost two games and won our final match which was fantastic. We really enjoyed our day even though it was very windy and pouring with rain. We would like to give a great thank you to Poppy’s brother who managed our team.


Match report by Megan, Ellie and Emily 6HH

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Year 6 Home Learning Project Our children all have the opportunity to complete Home Learning challenges, they can choose between 1 and 3 challenges which are set out in the Learning booklets sent home each half term. The Year 6 topic was Ancient Greece and we think the Children have done a brilliant job!

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Aliens have landed at Abbotswood! Something isn't right in the year 5 area!


What are these strange markings on the floor?


Meanwhile in one of the classrooms...


Has anybody see Mrs Ryan?


Quick, to the Tump everyone, there's been a discovery!



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Match reports, week commencing 9th November Holy Family vs Abbotswood

It was a very cold and dark evening to play football but the boys coped with it very well. It wasn’t a very good start for Abbotswood because we went 1-0 down after 30 seconds. Keeping our heads, we responded well with Charlie scoring a goal to make it 1-1.Unfortunetly, they scored another but Charlie scored again to make it 2-2. Dominating the rest of the first half, Sam, Hedley and Thomas scored to make it 5-2 to Abbotswood at half time.

In the second half, Jack also scored with the match finishing 6-3! The team played really well, passing the football nicely and scoring some good goals. We are very happy with the win as it was a cup match and we are into the next round.

By Jack and Charlie (Year 6)

Abbotswood Vs Foxhills

On a wet, muddy day, the year six football team travelled to Foxhills school. When we arrived, we warmed up and Mr Perry gave us a team talk . The whistle blew for kick off. 30 seconds into the game we had a promising attack where Charlie slotted the ball into the bottom corner. Once they kicked off we pressured hard and kept on winning the ball. Our first corner of the game led to a Sam overhead kick. The first half came to an end with a 4-0 lead to Abbotswood. Unfortunately the rain showered on us. Despite this we carried on with Thomas scoring to make it 5-0. Unfortunately Hedley hit the bar and the goal keeper made some good saves, but we still kept on pushing for some goals. Luckily Archie and Sam scored to make it 7-0. The rain calmed down after an amazing match. Sam got a hat trick as Abbotswood won 7-0.


By Hedley and Sam

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The Abbotswood Library Project Update Many of you will remember our campaign in the summer term to secure a grant from the One Family Foundation to improve the facilities in our school library.

We thought you might like to see some of the purchases we've made so far, they've included new furniture and many, many books, along with magazine subscriptions, display stands, floor coverings and the refurbishment of some of the existing furniture. The spending continues with more to follow, eBooks and technology coming soon. In the meantime here's a few photos of some of the new things your children are enjoying using! 

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Success for Abbotswood at Youth Options 'Moonraker' event with 2nd Totton Girls Bridgade On October 2nd, two year 6 pupils from Abbotswood (Poppy and Chloe), along with 1 former pupil (now in year 7) and 2 more participants from their 2nd Totton Girls Brigade, took part in the Moonraker event. 

Organised by Youth Options, the event gave the opportunity for 15 groups to complete a 10 mile forest navigated walk, at night, and this year it was in foggy and cold conditions. 

Despite the weather, the late hour and some very tired feet, the group from 2nd Totton Girls Brigade persevered and were in fact one of only 6 groups to finish. Their leader, Claire Waters, explained to us how the girls just wanted to keep going, they had no intention of giving up and their determination saw them win the event which also included 3 additional challenges, one at each of the three check points. 

Claire was extremely proud of their winning attitudes and was keen for us to share their story as it fits so well with mindset work that all of the abbotswood children have been learning about this half term. 

Well done to the girls and their leader! Great to see how hard work and team spirit can pay off. 

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More news on Year 6... what's happening for those who didn't go to Osmington? Whilst those at Osmington kept us updated via Twitter yesterday, those still at school continued to have their own fun activities. The biscuit project has started taking shape with some beautiful boxes being crafted, you can see examples below...




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Year 6... what's happening for those who didn't go to Osmington? Whilst the majority of Year 6 arrived safe and sound in Osmington yesterday, there were a number who didn't go and for those still here whilst the others are away it's important for us to make sure they have a few adventures of their own.

Yesterday they started designing their own biscuits including packaging and marketing them. Some great ideas were shared including the wonderful idea for some of the profits to go to charity. They enjoyed using their imaginations and creativity.

Today they've been preparing for indoor climbing, learning all about how to climb safely and what equipment they need to do it with.



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Cross Country Relays report, Abi 6PF Everyone was motivated for the competition after our inspirational break time team talk from Mr Goodrich, Mr Perry and Mr Morgan.

When we arrived at gang warily it was cold and windy this just added to the challenge we were determined to give it our best. We physically and mentally prepared ourselves for our race.

The girls ran first, I was so proud of all of them as they gave their all. When I crossed the line I was very emotional because I gave it my best and we had won!

At the end we all gathered round and had a team huddle we were so tired, Mr Perry and Mr Morgan told us how proud they were of the passion and determination that all 33 children put in.

Abi 6PF

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Sports Reports: Table Tennis and Girls Football Table Tennis

The girls team had a great start, they won all of their group games without losing a set. In the final we came up against Brockenhurst, a very strong and experienced team. The final was very close with Brockenhurst beating us by one game giving us the silver medal. It was a very memorable experience!

Lola and Amy 6CD

We had two boys teams. 1 team won all their games 8-0 which earned us a spot in the final. We also came up against Brockenhurst, who were a lot more experienced than us. We lost 5-3. We got a silver.

Our other team won some games and lost some games but everyone showed a fantastic effort and really enjoyed themselves.

Charlie 6CD


Girls Football

This was the second evening of fixtures for the girls football team.  After winning our 1st games away from home two weeks ago, we were very determined to repeat our form. We had a sloppy start but throughout the game we regained our composure and finished winners by 5 – 0.

We thought the goal keeper in our second game was very good as we took lots of shots but she saved them. We didn’t stick to our normal shape. We were all over the place and fighting each other to try and score. In future we will work better as a team. We passed the ball well in the second half. Our skill level has definitely improved as we won 4 – 0. Well done to those girls who played their first game for the school.

Abi & Poppy 6PFJ

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Irish Dancing success for Liliana in class 5JH Abbotswood children have a wide range of interests. Liliana, one of our children in year 5, recently took place in an Irish Dancing competition;  Ceim Oir Feis 2015 at John Hampden Grammar School, High Wycombe.

Pictured below, getting ready for her dances, wearing her dancing school colours in her hair and receiving her medals.

Congratulations Liliana, a great achievement.

Liliana at Ceim Oir Feis, John Hampden Grammar SchoolAll ready to begin dancing and being awarded 4th place in 'Light Jig'

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