Book Day 2021

Amazing effort from the staff for Abbotswood Book Day!
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Blue Peter Green Badge - Elle in 5EH

We are very proud of Elle in 5EH who has recently earnt her Green Blue Peter Badge for creating an Eco-Garden!
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Y5 Topic Outcome - I am Malala

Year 5 Topic Outcome - I am Malala 5AP and 5KP had a debate and read newspaper articles to each other from a distance for their outcome today. Both classes displayed their art work It was fantastic to see them making use of the newly resurfaced quad in the sunshine too! Fantastic work year 5!
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Art at Abbotswood

In Year 5 We have been looking at the artist Ted Harrison and how he uses tints of colour. Year 5 have created landscapes in the style of his work. In Year 4, we have been looking at perspective. Mrs White was particularly impressed by Jackson. Incredible use of vanishing point and horizon line, he took great care in his presentation!
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5JD Islamic Art Mosaics

5JD have been working on their Islamic Art mosaics this week.
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The 'Other' Quad makeover

Over the Easter holidays we were delighted to finally have the 'other' quad makeover completed. We now have another fantastic outside space to match the one we had done last summer. We can use this for activities with the children and staff. It has been an absolute delight to see LSAs and children using it today, to play in sun! The quads are a re...
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Y6 - World War 2 Hook Day

Year 6 have spent another day immersed in our topic of World War 2. Today, we were very lucky to be able to see a WW2 vehicle, which was used to transport troops during the D-Day landing. We spent the morning sketching the vehicles, ready to make our own later on this term!
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Y4 - Titanic Hook Day

Year 4 have spent their first day of this half term experiencing what life was like aboard the RMS Titanic during her fateful voyage on 14th April 1912. The children have enjoyed a day of role play and debates surrounding who was at fault for the disaster. N.B. Mr Humphries did his best to capture all of the children in their costumes at break tim...
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Y3 - Step Back in Time

Last half term, Year 3 took ‘a step back in time’ and studied the Stone Age to the Iron Age in Britain. All of the children’s work was displayed in our marquee and the year group enjoyed spending time on the last day of term exploring the newspaper reports, clay artefacts and cave artwork that their peers had created. Well done Year 3!
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Y4 - Fantastic Mr Fox

This half term, Year 4 have explored conservation through their rich read 'Fantastic Mr Fox'. The book inspired them to write their own version of the story entitled 'Brilliant Mr Barn Owl'. The year group finished the topic by recreating Mr Fox's banquet - they made healthy flapjacks, shared their stories and conducted debates on conservation whil...
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Fantastic work examples from Abbotswood pupils

It has been wonderful to have the children back in school and we have been so impressed with the work they are producing, both at home and in school. Here are a few examples that we wanted to share with you. Millie's Butterfly Lion Millie created a beautiful piece of art related to the year 5 topic is the Butterfly Lion and over the last 2 weeks...
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Y5 "A Twist in the Tail" Hook day

During our hook day for 'A Twist in the Tail', Year 5 created some amazing African savannahs. They began by using watercolours to create a sunset background. Once dry, they then cut out some animals and scenery from black sugar paper to act as silhouettes. The results are very impressive!
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Y6 "Lest We Forget" Hook day

Year 6 enjoyed their second hook day for our topic “Lest We Forget”. We gave the children a schooling experience from 1939 - the year that World War II was declared. We continued to read our topic book, Once by Morris Gleitzman, and explored key events from the text. The Year 6 children have settled in amazingly and the whole team are very pr...
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World Book Day at Abbotswood

This week, the children have been undertaking a number of activities based on the World Book Day books 'Blown Away' by Rob Biddulph (Year 3) and Skysteppers by Katherine Rundell (Year 4, 5 and 6) Here is just a small selection of the fantastic learning this week! We are looking forward to presenting the children with their World Book Day book tok...
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