Our Vision and Values

Abbotswood is a happy and caring school community built on our core values: Stickability, Teamwork, Aspiration, Respect and Stretch. To encourage children to remember our values, they spell out the word STARS which is integral to our school logo.

Stickability – We succeed because we never give up.

Teamwork – By working together, we can achieve more.

Aspiration – We work hard to achieve our goals and dreams.

Respect – We value and care for each other and our environment.

Stretch – We have the courage to challenge ourselves to achieve our best.

At Abbotswood, we aim to provide a happy, secure and rich learning environment where children strive for the highest standards of academic achievement and behaviour. We endeavour to create conscientious, independent learners who are able to persevere when faced with new challenges and who are respectful of others. We promote our Abbotswood Values throughout the curriculum so that children recognise ‘It Really Does Matter’.

Our behaviour reward system promotes our five core values. Children who have successfully and consistently demonstrated each of the values become one of our Abbotswood All-Star

Our House Captains tell us about the RESPECT value:


The governing body of Abbotswood Junior School believe that all pupils at our school should be able to learn and achieve their full potential in an environment that is safe, orderly, happy and an inspiring place to learn. When children leave our school at the end of Year 6 we want them to have achieved not only great academic success but be well rounded, thriving young people who will be confident, happy and safe as they move towards adulthood.

Our ethos for the school is one of mutual respect and courtesy, where all members of the school community relate well to and with each other, and where effective and successful learning can take place.

We have high expectations of everybody in our school community and there will be no differential application of the policy and procedures on any grounds, particularly ethnic or national origin, culture, religion, gender, disability or sexuality.  We seek to eliminate all forms of discrimination, harassment and bullying.

Our children made the following video clips for Anti-bullying week this year: http://www.abbotswood.hants.sch.uk/p997060562