Houses at Abbotswood

Overall winners for 2022-23 are PEGASUS!

Sports Day winners for 2022-23 are PHOENIX! 



At Abbotswood we launched a new House system in the Autumn Term 2018. Having houses links strongly with our updated Positive Behaviour Management Policy and Values

Each child will be assigned a house from the time they enter Abbotswood and they remain in the same house until they leave. We have named our Houses after stars and constellations, in keeping with our school logo. 

Every week we will award points to the House with the highest points for that week. E.g. 1st Place will get 5 points, 2nd 4 points etc. 

House of the week results:


Autumn Term






w/e 08/09/2023          
w/e 15/09/2023          
w/e 22/09/2023          
w/e 29/09/2023          
w/e 06/10/2023          
w/e 03/11/2023          
w/e 10/11/2023          
w/e 17/11/2023          
w/e 24/11/2023          
w/e 01/12/2023          
w/e 08/12/2023          
w/e 15/12/2023