School Uniform

At our school, children wear their distinctive red sweatshirts with pride.

  • Sweatshirts, jumpers and cardigans are red.  Sweatshirts and cardigans are available with our school logo.  White shirts or polo tops should be worn.  White polo shirts are available with our school logo.
  • Skirts or trousers should be grey or black.  Sports trousers are not appropriate.  In warmer weather, tailored shorts should be worn, not sports shorts.  Girls may choose to wear checked red dresses during the summer.
  • Shoes should be black. Boots can be worn in winter, but must be low heeled, plain and black. Trainers or fashion shoes with high heels and thin straps should not be worn. 


  • PE kit is a plain t-shirt in red or white and shorts in black. 
  • T-shirts should not have logos (other than school logos). 
  • For safety reasons, baggy shorts and t-shirts are not appropriate. 
  • Plain cycle shorts, plain leotards or plain PE skirts in school colours are also suitable.

Children are barefoot for gymnastic activities, but should have a change of footwear for outdoor activities.  In cold weather, tracksuits preferably in school colours, may be worn for outside activities. Abbotswood ‘hoodies’ are available but can only be worn for PE (not in class instead of sweatshirts).

All children need a bag for their sportswear which can be placed in their individual storage locker.


Wrist watches are allowed in school, but are worn at the owner’s risk.  If ears are pierced, one pair of studs may be worn.  These should either be removed by the child for PE and games or covered with tape.  Children must bring their own tape for this purpose.  No other jewellery is allowed.

Labelling and lost property

Please make sure your child’s clothes and shoes are named, particularly coats and school sweatshirts.  Please check regularly to see whether it is still legible as we have many previously labelled sweatshirts!  Lost property is kept in the Main Hall where it may be retrieved by children.  We regularly have ‘viewings’ when parents are invited in to view lost property that their children may have failed to collect.

NB We do not permit children to have ‘extreme’ haircuts that can serve as a distraction to other children.  Hair should not contain extensions or be dyed in unnatural colours.

School Uniform is available from


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