From January 25th, all school staff are asked to participate in Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Testing for Covid-19. Testing is voluntary and should take place twice a week, 3/4 days apart. 

The more people that opt into the testing, the greater protection we have for our whole school community. 1 in 3 people with Covid are asymptomatic. 

The tests will be given to you to self administer at home. Full instructions are provided, along with an instructional video:


Step A) and Step B) Must be completed by you, (the person testing themselves) after EVERY test (Each Monday and Thursday). Both positive and negative results must be logged. 

Step A) Logging results - letting school know complete this form and if positive call Glenn and let him know

You must tell the school the outcome of every test, even if it is negative. A positive test requires you to book a PCR test to confirm, you can do this here: Book a PCR Test If you experience any difficulty booking a test please contact Annie - we have access to priority booking - however in most instances this is not necessary and tests can be booked just as quickly yourself. 

Please remember that a negative result does not rule out Covid-19 infection, particularly in the early stages of infection. If you have been a close contact of someone who has Covid or have symptoms of Covid yourself, you should seek medical advice - even with a negative LFT test.  

Step B) Logging results - letting NHS Track & Trace know complete this form

You must let NHS Track and Trace know the outcome of every test, even if it is negative



A PDF showing how to do a Rapid Covid-19 using a lateral flow device can be downloaded here

A PDF showing the full version of the guidance that we have to issue you with each box of tests is available here (the version above is the same information but condensed)

Boxes will be labelled and distributed to you. 

These tests are for staff only - they must not to be shared out amongst family or friends. Staff includes all those employed at Abbotswood Junior School, it also includes staff in the kitchen. Staff who are shielding do not need to test. 




Logging issues

If you experience issues with your tests - such as multiple void results - you must report these in case a batch needs to be recalled.

Primary Schools Agreement Mass Testing Roll-Out

Covid-19 Testing of Staff in Primary Schools Privacy Statement

Staff were asked to complete the step below to opt into testing. This was moved on 26/01/2021, after this date, you only need to do this if you did not opt in originally. 

Opt INTO LFD Testing - complete this form You only need to complete this step once 

- if you are opting in after 26/01/2021 please also let the school office know by emailing [email protected]

Please tell us if you are willing to participate in regular testing using this form - you must respond to this so that we know how many test kits we need to maintain.