We would like to introduce you to Tommy, our school dog. Tommy is part of Mr Moore's family and often visits the school. 

Tommy - School DogTommy - School Dog

Please read the following guidance on interacting positively with Tommy.

Please Do:

Please Do Not:

Follow Tommy’s supervisors’ instructions about Tommy at all times. 

Crowd around Tommy in a big group (no more than 4 people)

Give Tommy lots of love and attention when he is being good.

Pull on any part of Tommy’s body, his lead, collar or jacket.

Be calm and gentle when touching or playing with Tommy.

Let Tommy rummage in bins or in people’s bags.

Give him clear instructions, one at a time, using a calm but firm voice.

Allow Tommy to jump up on people or furniture, or to run inside school.

Keep all human food and any dangerous items well away from Tommy.

Give Tommy anything to eat or drink unless asked to do so by one of his supervisors.

Say “No” in a clear, firm voice if Tommy does something he is not supposed to do, and tell his supervisors what happened.

Let Tommy lick or chew you, or your belongings.

Look out for signs that Tommy is stressed and let an adult know if he seems unwell or upset, growls, bares his teeth or whines.

Wake Tommy up if he is asleep or touch any of Tommy’s toys or belongings unless you have been asked to by an adult.

Tommy’s main safe place will be in Mr Moore’s office.