Whole School Curriculum Overview

At Abbotswood Junior School, we seek to provide the best possible education for every child through our stimulating, creative and challenging curriculum.

Our integrated curriculum has been designed to provide rich, exciting and memorable learning experiences.

Learning is planned into integrated topics which start with an exciting ‘hook’, to engage and motivate children, and finish with an ‘outcome’ to provide a real purpose and audience.

Our whole school Curriculum Overview can be found below. Year group and subject curriculum information can be found under the ‘Learning’ tab in this menu.


Our whole school ethos is centered on building learning power and aspiration within every child. Our curriculum is therefore underpinned by the vision and values of our school. When we teach the learning units above, we weave our Abbotswood values into all learning activities so that, as well as acquiring knowledge, the children are developing important life skills.

A link to the Primary National Curriculum can be found here: Primary National Curriculum